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Your thin American Apparel tee is sufficient sun block, and other sunscreen myths

14 August 2009
Note: Author not depicted in this photo.

Note: Author not depicted in this photo. (from Flickr by Brave Heart.)

Growing up in a small town I had the image of city folk as soft pasty-white people whose only glimpse of the outdoors was gained by peering over their window-mounted air conditioners. But anyone who has lived for even a minute in New York City knows this is untrue. New Yorkers walk. We gotta. And walking means that we spend more time outside than non-New Yorkers give us credit for. I have a truly decent farmer’s tan despite this rainy summer. So why is it that my impending trip to Tucson has made me think of nothing but sunscreen? Tucson in August is like a ghost town, where you only get brief flashes of people out of doors as they dash from their car to the box store.  But I am obsessed with keeping my skin protected (I’m not getting any younger, and this kind of stuff has started to occupy my day), but when I really thought about how to properly use sunscreen, I realized that I have collected a bunch of notions that may not be steeped in fact. So, on with my research hat (and apparently off with my dunce cap).

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