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What Character from Seinfeld are you: Lessons in Instrument Design on Facebook.

19 August 2009

seinfeld quizI, like many, am addicted to Facebook. More so, I love Facebook quizzes and supposed personality tests. Yes, yes, I know. I’m a skeptic, as well as a student and teacher of psychological science; I shouldn’t spend my valuable time on something I know to be utter nonsense. But, truthfully, recently it’s all about examining the thinking behind it, and what their popularity reveals about human nature.

About a month ago I was taking one of the more interesting quizzes: “What Character from Seinfeld Are You?” (see above). I thought about the question, “If you were a diary product, you’d be…” A) Cheese B) Yogurt C) Sour Cream or D) Milk. Of course I immediately thought, “I’m totally yogurt”, but then spent a considerable amount of time asking myself why I thought I was yogurt, and more so, why whoever designed this test asked this question and how it would ultimately result in my personality being like Jerry Seinfeld’s (which was my result). (more…)


Recovered memories: evidence?

24 July 2009

That people develop memories for events in their lives that never took place is a phenomenon well documented in the psychological literature. False memories can be produced through simple suggestion and real memories can become clustered with new data to alter them in some way. More so, to the person experiencing the false or changed memory, they  seem exactly like the real thing (Loftus, 1997 & 2003; Ofshe & Watters, 1994). (more…)