The Gotham Skeptic is comprised of several contributors who, for different reasons resulting from their diverse backgrounds, have all been drawn toward skepticism.


Page received her doctorate in Zoology. After several years of studying fuzzy mammals in exotic locales, she has settled in New York City. As a scientist, an educator, and a student, she is always looking to further develop her critical thinking skills in all areas of her life.

Regular Contributors

AJ Mell is a freelance writer whose skeptical interests include cults, creationism, and the extremes of human belief. He lives in Brooklyn.

Lisa Bauer teaches undergraduate level measurement, research design and experimental psychology. She is also a graduate student of psychology and has an M.S. in neuroscience. Her skeptical interests include analysis of flawed or pseudoscientific methodology, as well as general neuro- and psycho- mythology. She lives in the Bronx, enjoys campy horror movies and gaming.

Thequixoticman, a.k.a Jake Dickerman

Michael is also the NY Atheism & Skepticism Examiner has a regular blog, Skepacabra, and is co-founder of and contributor to, a site that’s particularly focused on challenging the myths and misconceptions being perpetuated in the popular media about vaccines and autism.


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