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Stay tuned

9 September 2009

Gotham Skeptic will be getting some work done today. A little nip here, a little tuck there. And hopefully by the end of the day, a fantastic new look will be revealed.

In the meantime, take our skeptics survey!

All the links will be redirected shortly, but you can view the new look now!


New York City Cricket Crawl

8 September 2009

No, this is not a frat boy pub crawl in cricket costume. On September 11th, the night before NECSS (have your tickets yet?), Discover Life in conjunction with the American Natural History Museum is sponsoring the first New York City Cricket Crawl,  “an aural expedition and a celebration of life in the leafy jungles of urban and suburban NYC and surrounding area.” More specifically, these organizations are urging people to wander their neighborhoods, with ears cocked, listening for the burring sounds of crickets and katydids. Under the hum of cars, stereos, screaming kids, droning air conditioners, and laughing hipsters, how many species do you think you can identify in your neighborhood?


Flash Friday – 4 September 2009

4 September 2009
  • There is only 1 week till NECSS 2009, and tickets are still available! NYC Skeptics quickly sold out of its stock of tickets, so head over to Ticketmaster or the French Institute box office to get yours today. If you are planning on purchasing your tickets the “day of” you might be out of luck, as the auditorium is already 90% sold out. We’re expecting a full house, so don’t  miss out!
  • Don’t forget about the special Drinking Skeptically taking place the evening before NECSS at Dewey’s Flatiron in Madison Square at 8PM (click here for more info). Attendance is free; there is no need to purchase a NECSS ticket to attend (however, we encourage everyone to attend the conference!).
  • If you haven’t already, please join the NECSS Facebook group and subscribing to the NECSS and NYC Skeptics Twitter feeds. It’s the best way to stay informed about the conference and be aware of up-to-date goings on!

What do skeptics believe, anyway? Take our survey!

2 September 2009

Many skeptics I have known have their own ideas about what skepticism is, and what being a skeptic is all about. In an effort to better understand the skeptical community, I’ve designed this questionnaire to get a sense of some of the attitudes and beliefs amongst skeptics. Please take a moment to complete this questionnaire; the link will remain open until September 11th. Be sure to look out for my report of the results the following week.

Take the Survey

Flash Friday – August 28

29 August 2009
  • The Village Voice covers Paul Grosswald’s recent NYC Skeptics Public Lecture on “Cults & Coercion”
  • Professor Richard Wiseman will be at NECSS! Professor Wiseman will join the “Why is it so tough to be a skeptic?” panel and be the special guest on the live Skeptics Guide to the Universe taping.
  • The NECSS schedule has been released, and can be viewed here.
  • We have a limited number of NECSS tickets still available for purchase at (no fees!). To ensure delivery before September 12, these tickets will only be available for sale at at through August 31 (or while our supplies last). At that point all remaining tickets must be purchased through Ticketmaster or the French Institute box office.

Pausing for reflection

26 August 2009

So, Gotham Skeptic has been chugging along for a few weeks now. I wanted to take a moment today and put out a call for feedback. The purpose of the blog was to provide a forum to explore topics that are important to NYC skeptics. And now that our contributors have spent a few weeks cutting their teeth on topics they have some experience with, we want to hear from you out there in internet-land. What topics would you like further explored? What are the burning questions that New Yorkers are skeptical about (or are unsure whether or not to be skeptical about)?

I will be at Drinking Skeptically this evening, and am eager to hear from you! Drinking Skeptically is held at the Four Faced Liar, in the West Village on 165 W 4th St. 8pm until whenever.

In addition to topic feedback, let me know if there is a particular niche in which you have some expertise. We would like to welcome guest bloggers with knowledge they would like to share with our growing number of readers.

In the near future, we will be giving the blog a facelift, and enhancing some features. If you have particular preferences when reading blogs, let me know those too. And if anyone has experience with CSS editing and wants to do some consultation I’ll buy you a beverage!

Thanks, and hope to hear from you!

Cults, religion, and the spectrum of social manipulation

21 August 2009

Photo by swthmal08 via Photobucket

Last Saturday, the New York City Skeptics hosted a lecture called, Cults and Coercion: How Ordinary People are Turned into Extraordinary Fanatics at the New York Public Library, Jefferson Market Branch. The lecturer was Paul Grosswald, a former Scientologist who left the infamous cult 20 years ago. (more…)

Flash Friday: The latest at NYC Skeptics

14 August 2009

If it’s Friday, it must be the latest at NYC Skeptics:

  • Don’t forget to join us tomorrow Saturday 15 at 1PM for Paul Grosswald’s lecture “Cults and Coercion: How Ordinary People are Turned into Extraordinary Fanatics”  at the New York Public Library, Jefferson Market Branch – 425 Avenue of the Americas @ 10th St.
  • Drinking Skeptically@ NECSS -There’s no better way to kick off NECSS than relaxing, chatting, and – yes – drinking with fellow skeptics. Join us 8PM Friday September 11 at Dewey’s Flatiron (210 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY). Attendance is free; there is no need to purchase a NECSS ticket to attend (however, we encourage everyone to attend the conference!).
  • Due to popular demand, you may now purchase NECSS tickets directly from the NYC Skeptics website at, bypassing the Ticketmaster and Box Office convenience charges. Don’t forget to join NYC Skeptics before purchasing your ticket to receive a 20% discount.
  • If you haven’t already done so, stay updated about NECSS by joining the NECSS Facebook group, or subscribing to the NYC Skeptics or NECSS Twitter feeds.

Only six (and a half) weeks till NECSS!

29 July 2009


Tickets are going fast, so don’t miss the chance to join an all-star line up of skeptical and scientific speakers and panelists at the first Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism!

Join James Randi, Carl Zimmer, Dr. Paul Offit, George Hrab, NYC Skeptics’ own Jamy Ian Swiss and Massimo Pigliucci, and a dozen other guest speakers (including Steve Novella, Rebecca Watson, and the rest of the SGU “Rogue’s Gallery”) in New York City this Fall at NECSS. (more…)

August Public Lecture – Paul Grosswald: Cults and Coercion

24 July 2009

Join us at the NYC Skeptic’s August public lecture:

Paul Grosswald – Cults and Coercion: How Ordinary People are Turned into Extraordinary Fanatics

When: Saturday August 15th @ 1:00PM

Where: New York Public Library, Jefferson Market Branch – 425 Avenue of the Americas @ 10th St. (more…)