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Psychic Finds Public Breaking Point

3 September 2009

You’ve probably already heard about Jaycee Lee Dugard, the now 29 year old woman who’d been held kidnapped, raped repeatedly, and become a mother twice over the past eighteen years.  It’s astounding that Miss Dugard has been found alive, I’m sure I speak for all of the New York City Skeptics when I say that we hope she will be able to move forward in her life, and that one day, maybe she’ll be able to attain some totems of normalcy.  But, this is not the sympathy blog, this is the Gotham Skeptic, so we’re actually here to talk about Dayle Schear. (more…)


Jake’s Fairy Tale

17 August 2009

Once upon a time, there was the Magical Post of Acupuncture.  And the Magical Post of Acupuncture was set far beyond Plausibility land, because the Magical Post of Acupuncture was set in the land of “We will cure any ills”, a land reserved for the most beautiful and implausible of things.

And then one day, the Magical Post of Acupuncture was tied to Bungee Chords from the Realm of Reality!  And that day, the magical implausible people of the land of make believe waved goodbye as the Magical Post of Acupuncture was drawn into the land of “Health Supplement”.  The magical land of health supplement was special because nothing had to have any real effect.  Since no one made any claims that could be tested in the Realm of Reality, the power’s held by the super-special Bungee Chords from the Realm of Reality would have no more pulling strength, because they could only pull on tangible things, and no tangible things existed in the land of Supplement. (more…)

The Magic of Self Delusion

13 August 2009

Back on Monday, a story came out of Alaska about a Department of Transportation worker, Travis Capps, who was assisted in his search for a woman’s body by a psychic from California.  The woman, Carolyn Tyrrell, had been missing since Independence Day.  The article doesn’t tell us why Mr. Capps was so determined to find the late Ms. Tyrrell, but he was certainly committed, and that, no matter what methods he decided to use, is to his credit.

According to the AP, Mr. Capps contacted Katherine Marie Jones of the Sacramento area.  She wrote Tyrrell’s name on a piece of paper, asked God for help, and then concentrated for half an hour on what images came to her mind.  The article says that Jones believed Tyrrell would be found on “an east-facing slope near a boat launch.  She also described an eagle.”

Capps found the woman on Friday, about 17 miles from Eagle Summit.  Well… Capps found a woman on Friday.  By Monday, the body hadn’t been fully identified yet, but the SUV the body was found near belonged to Mrs. Tyrrell. (more…)

Whose side are the hoaxsters on?

21 July 2009

On Saturday, Chris Russo and Joe Rudy came all the way from New Jersey to Manhattan to talk to a good sized audience of NYC Skeptics. The title of their talk was, How and Why We Staged the Great UFO Hoax of 2009 (audio coming soon to the NYC Skeptics website). They gave an entertaining account of their activities on January 5th through February 17th of this year, in which they tied simple flares to helium-filled balloons that they then released to fly over Morris County New Jersey and the fallout from these activities. Perhaps not surprising from reading the title, I went to the talk with one main expectation, the “how” of the hoax had been made apparent after these two guys came forward by publicly revealing themselves as hoaxsters in an article in Skeptic Magazine, but the “why” still seemed a bit mysterious to me. (more…)

I think I’m gonna be a Psychic

20 July 2009

Millions of our fellow citizens are currently embracing their psychics in an attempt to escape the crushing weight of our current recession.  Maybe it’s time for me to get in on the action?

Stop, my friends, stop!  Put down your sharpened sticks, uncock your arms before a single rounded rock flies!  I do not intend to be a “traditional” psychic.  The Skeptic Psychic will be agnostic on all his predictions. (more…)