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The Poles in the Big Tent

24 August 2009

George Hrab began his last episode of the Geologic Podcast with an approximately 9 minute long statement of frustration about the response he’d gotten to his previous week’s “Religious Moron of the Week.” What struck me as odd was the moment when George read one of the e-mails that said that because he wasn’t libertarian enough, that meant he wasn’t a good part of the skeptical movement. Now, first off, I’ve heard George do segments where he just talked for about 15 minutes over his amazement at the abilities of his local fire department, and actually ended the bit with pretty much telling free market people to suck it. So what podcast have those people been listening too? But what’s more than that, when the hell did skepticism become synonymous with libertarianism?



The Decade That Reason Forgot

22 July 2009

The 1970’s were, by almost any measure, a strange and ridiculous time to be alive.  Once dubbed “the decade that taste forgot,” the ’70s were also the decade that reason forgot–a time when cosmic hoo-hah in all its forms gripped the popular imagination.   Being at a formative and suggestible time of life–I was five years old in 1970–it’s no wonder I was set on an early course as a junior mystic and budding spiritual warrior. (more…)