What do skeptics believe, anyway? Take our survey!


Many skeptics I have known have their own ideas about what skepticism is, and what being a skeptic is all about. In an effort to better understand the skeptical community, I’ve designed this questionnaire to get a sense of some of the attitudes and beliefs amongst skeptics. Please take a moment to complete this questionnaire; the link will remain open until September 11th. Be sure to look out for my report of the results the following week.

Take the Survey



2 Responses to “What do skeptics believe, anyway? Take our survey!”

  1. Lisa Bauer Says:

    Likert items in general are designed to be rather one sided, and in a better instrument there would be a lot of repetition to get a valid measure of whatever it is you’re attempting to measure. As this survey is meant to be more explorative and descriptive (and is not testing any hypothesis or measuring a specific construct) I was less concerned about how one-sided each item might seem, and more to to develop an array of possible ideas related to skepticism. I’ll go into much further detail about the instrument design itself when I present the finds in 2 weeks.

  2. Barry Leiba Says:

    Taking a skeptical view of the survey: I’d say that the choice of questions gives a strong bias to the survey. Of course, that’s true of any survey, but I think it’s especially so of this one.

    I’m not sure how one would correct for it.

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