Pausing for reflection


So, Gotham Skeptic has been chugging along for a few weeks now. I wanted to take a moment today and put out a call for feedback. The purpose of the blog was to provide a forum to explore topics that are important to NYC skeptics. And now that our contributors have spent a few weeks cutting their teeth on topics they have some experience with, we want to hear from you out there in internet-land. What topics would you like further explored? What are the burning questions that New Yorkers are skeptical about (or are unsure whether or not to be skeptical about)?

I will be at Drinking Skeptically this evening, and am eager to hear from you! Drinking Skeptically is held at the Four Faced Liar, in the West Village on 165 W 4th St. 8pm until whenever.

In addition to topic feedback, let me know if there is a particular niche in which you have some expertise. We would like to welcome guest bloggers with knowledge they would like to share with our growing number of readers.

In the near future, we will be giving the blog a facelift, and enhancing some features. If you have particular preferences when reading blogs, let me know those too. And if anyone has experience with CSS editing and wants to do some consultation I’ll buy you a beverage!

Thanks, and hope to hear from you!


2 Responses to “Pausing for reflection”

  1. podblack Says:

    Hi, I’m a member of the NYC skeptics and I’m in Perth, Western Australia! More than happy to send an entry or two about the brand-new skeptical scene here in Perth – our first Skeptics in the Pub starts this Sunday. 🙂

  2. Skepdude Says:

    Well, the one thing I would like to point out is that skeptics are interested in the same topics, regardless if we’re Gotham or not, so the range of topics I guess depends on whether you want your blog to be local or not. If you want it to be local you may want to focus more on trying to get people into grassroots activism (e-mailing, writing to TV stations or newspapers about credulous reports for example).

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