The Magic of Self Delusion


Back on Monday, a story came out of Alaska about a Department of Transportation worker, Travis Capps, who was assisted in his search for a woman’s body by a psychic from California.  The woman, Carolyn Tyrrell, had been missing since Independence Day.  The article doesn’t tell us why Mr. Capps was so determined to find the late Ms. Tyrrell, but he was certainly committed, and that, no matter what methods he decided to use, is to his credit.

According to the AP, Mr. Capps contacted Katherine Marie Jones of the Sacramento area.  She wrote Tyrrell’s name on a piece of paper, asked God for help, and then concentrated for half an hour on what images came to her mind.  The article says that Jones believed Tyrrell would be found on “an east-facing slope near a boat launch.  She also described an eagle.”

Capps found the woman on Friday, about 17 miles from Eagle Summit.  Well… Capps found a woman on Friday.  By Monday, the body hadn’t been fully identified yet, but the SUV the body was found near belonged to Mrs. Tyrrell.

Now, I have no idea whether the body was found on an “east facing slope” or if it was “facing a boat launch”.  I know that Capp is claiming that the eagle is a hit because the body was found near “Eagle Summit,” but you ask me, that’s crap.  This psychic claims an 85% success rate.  Do a search for Carolyn Tyrrell and “Wasilla” (Ms. Tyrrell was from Alaska) and you will find plenty of stories.  “East-facing slope” is one of those specific sounding fairly general statements, not really acceptable for a “psychic” who says she’s right 17 times in 20.

It’s great that, potentially, Ms. Tyrrell’s body has been found.   It’s a shame she couldn’t have been found alive, but if this body is indeed identified as hers, perhaps her family can find some closure.  But this psychic malarkey just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I guarantee that soon enough, Ms. Jones will be talking all about how she found Ms. Tyrrell, even if it turns out that the body wasn’t Ms. Tyrrell’s, Ms. Jones will just say that she still found someone.  At least the police captain has stayed skeptical about Ms. Jones’ abilities.  Mr. Capp is now convinced.  Oy.


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2 Responses to “The Magic of Self Delusion”

  1. Lisa Bauer Says:


    I did a search for Wasilla, Alaska and cross referenced it with the word “Eagle”. Freaking everything in Wasilla has the word Eagle in it’s name: Eagle Center Physical Therapy‎, Eagle Hardwood Floors & Tile‎, Eagle Glass Enhancement‎, Screamin Eagle Archery‎, Double Eagle Real Estate‎, Eagle Talon Charters‎….All within about a 2 mile radius of Lucille Lake.

    Also, Wasilla is apparently right down the road from Eagle River, Alaska.

    I’m guessing just saying the word “Eagle” in reference to the location of ANYTHING in Wasilla, you’d have about a 70-80% chance of being right [or at least “right”, as in enough for being considered a ‘hit’ in psychic standards].

  2. Page Says:

    It always feels like the media reports the “hits” in these stories, but I am always curious about the misses that don’t get mentioned. We get “eagle” and “east-facing slope?” She MUST have said more than than. Did she predict that the vic would be wearing pink bunny slippers? Surrounded by cedar trees?

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