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I’ve been writing for various internet publications now for going on two years. It’s not a long time to a lot of people, but for me, it feels like a while.  It started out easy. Like with all writing. There’s that early work you do where you had like five or six things to say but then, all of a sudden, that’s it, no more ideas in your head. It started out for me being about Bush. I tried to keep up with his weekly radio addresses, writing parodies of each one point by point. That was fun for about a month. But after you listened to Bush complain about how Congress wouldn’t do exactly what he wanted week in and week out, well… you get sick of it. The election was big.  I was, at my peak, writing five blogs a week on the Huffington Post’s comedy site, 236 (now defunct). Not all of them were good, but they all went out there.

Skepticism’s a hard fight. The world doesn’t always seem to change the way we’d like it to. Every couple days (who’m I kidding… okay, every hour), I look at my google news feeds. Right now, I’ve got eight. Creationism, “Energy Medicine”, Acupuncture, UFO, Cryptozoology, Psychics, Naturology OR Naturopathy, and Scientology. I play this weird dance with the internet where I both hope that news will come out which’ll really let me say something, or that I’ll see nothing and the reason behind that will be that there’s no need to fight this stuff anymore. The most depressing thing I see is that th same stories come out. More stories saying that acupuncturists are practicing in Cleaveland, that Reiki works, crap like that. It’s hard to see on a regular basis, as I’m sure you all know.

Once in a while, though, you see something that really makes you smile. I don’t know how much you folks look into Scientology, but if anyone has not checked out the expose being done by a The St. Petersberg Times, you’re missing out. They’ve gotten the hackles of David Miscavige raised, and that’s always a good thing.

I have a lot of issues with Scientology. For me, the most annoying thing they do is force me to defend various religions. I’m not a religious man myself, but having to explain why I view Scientology as a cult and not every major religion in the world can be really tiring. Just because I brought that up – the Catholics don’t write down your confessions and bring them up later when you want to leave, most religions don’t decide to cut you off from any exterior support network you have so that you can’t leave the church without ruining your life, and just about every religion out there will tell you exactly what they believe in right at the door. To say nothing about the money stuff.  But anyway…

As a skeptic who looks a lot at mainstream journalism, it’s really nice to see this. So: St. Petersberg Times, consider this a skeptical thumbs up. Thanks for actually putting out a decent piece on a very bad organization.


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One Response to “On Skeptical Blogging”

  1. DrBuzz0 Says:

    Hi. Love the blog. Please keep up the good work.

    One thing I discovered about blogging: when you first start off, nobody seems to leave any comments and things seem pretty dead. Lacking comments and with a low hit count, it seems discouraging, like you’re just writing to nobody.

    You just have to kind of bite the bullet on this one. It takes a little while, but eventually the comments reach a kind of “critical mass” where enough people have posted them that others don’t feel odd posting their own. I guess nobody wants to be the first or something. But eventually it takes off. You need to be patient.

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