Roger Friedman’s Scientology Claim


Note: At one point in time, this article was in fact topical.

Roger Friedman used to be a freelance entertainment writer for NewsCorp.  That was before he got fired in April.  Now, Friedman is claiming that his firing was due to the actions of The “Church” of Scientology, and is trying to make a case for that in court.

Here’s my problem.  I don’t like Scientology.  I think it does bad things to a lot of people, I think that it makes all religions look bad and personally, I’m not an anti-theist so that doesn’t make me happy.  So I wouldn’t mind if there was a significant court case against them (There is, by the way.  But it’s in France…).  This though?  This isn’t it.  Because when we put on our skeptic hats and look at this, the whole “scientologists called Rupert Murdoch and got me canned” thing is just an unnecessary layer.

See… Roger Friedman is an idiot.  I wish there was a better way to put that, but the fact is, after a work-print of “Wolverine” (biggest disapointment since “X-Men 3”) arrived on the internet, Roger Friedman decided to download it, watch it, and write a review of it where he talked about downloading it.  Let’s remember something.  Roger Friedman worked for NEWSCORP.  The people that OWN 20th CENTURY FOX.  He left them no choice.  If they hadn’t fired him, they would have been saying it was okay that he stole from them, and they can’t do that.  You don’t steal office supplies, make art out of them, and then call it “The Things I’ve Stolen From My Employer” and still expect to keep your job.  Friedman did something illegal.  He committed piracy.  It’s not one of those crimes that I get all moral and hoity-toity over, but it’s also not one that you hop onto the internet and tell ten thousand people about.  Because it’s still a crime!

Look, I’d love to be able to write a huge article about how Scientology took a good man out of his job, because the more bad press those guys can get, the better I’ll feel.  But this smacks of an unnecessary conspiracy tacked onto a story that didn’t need any more information.  Roger… let this be a lesson to you.  The next time you commit a misdemeanor against your parent company, don’t publicize it.  That’s how a man gets his ass fired.


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  1. Jinny Says:

    a story about a scientology based detox center:

    and for background info on the director and some staff look here:

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