The Official Launch of the Gotham Skeptic Blog


NYC Skeptics is taking some bold steps into the skeptical blogosphere by launching our very own blog, Gotham Skeptic. Through our lecture series and social events, NYC Skeptics strives to create a forum for like-minded thinkers to share and learn. With this blog, we hope to continue the mission of NYC Skeptics to promote critical thinking, skeptical inquiry and scientific literacy among the general public. To this end, Gotham Skeptic is actually a collection of contributors who will each bring their own unique perspective as we explore and discuss the intersection of skeptical thinking with science, politics, and society. As a reflection of the skeptical movement itself, our contributors have diverse backgrounds that have led them toward a desire to be activist skeptics. We will be introducing ourselves and our personal agendas to you as we post, and hope that together we can cover a broad spectrum of issues that are important to us as New Yorkers, skeptics, and citizens.

Being a skeptic is not easy. We live in an age in which we are inundated with a vast amount of information every day, and as skeptics we are charged with applying our critical thinking skills before accepting any statement at face value. This includes an understanding of what sources can be trusted, and how we make decisions on the validity of the information we are presented with. The contributors to Gotham Skeptic have been tasked with the job of filtering, digesting and commenting on topics in which we have some expertise. And from time to time we will also tackle issues with which we have little experience, in an effort to openly explore the steps necessary for developing an understating of unfamiliar topics. Each of us have to do this every day in order to help make decisions that affect our lives both in small ways, like which cell phone to buy, and in large ways, such as which politician to vote for or what medical advice to follow.

So we hope that your will join us, critique us, advise us, and learn with us, as we embark on this new project. We also ask that you will bear with our growing pains as our blog develops and takes shape, as we are still finalizing our look and functionality.



One Response to “The Official Launch of the Gotham Skeptic Blog”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck!

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